Start Drawing Cartoons of Children – Three Key Tips

There are many reasons why you want to draw cartoons, and capturing children at work and play is one of them. What could be more endearing than the cartoon of your neighbor’s little girl with that cheeky smile? Or her big brother with a jar of worms? Yuk!

One of the delights of cartoon drawing is that a relatively few lines can tell a great story. And, unlike other art techniques, you do not need a bunch of materials, all you need is some good quality paper and a couple of sharp and well-chosen pencils.

As you are starting out on this route here are the top three tips to help you on your way.  4anime

Tip No 1

This is the really easy one. Decide that this is what you want to do; say to yourself that this is a skill you seek to acquire.

Why is this? Because we all have the ability to draw. If you can write then you can draw. The motor skills that you use are no more difficult than handwriting your shopping list in a way that you can read it. What is important is teaching your hand to follow your brain’s inspiration. All it takes is regular practice in short bursts.

Tip No 2

Get yourself the basic materials you need today. You have made your decision, so do not delay in putting it into practice. The cost is absolutely minimal, but do go and buy a sketching pad, some soft pencils, an eraser and a pencil sharpener – and a soft pencil case too. That’s all you need to have with you on a daily basis. A letter or A4 pad is great with a smaller half-letter/ memo/ A5 pad to take with you. Now place all your materials together where you can find them and ban anyone else in your home from removing them under pain of death!

Tip No 3

Find yourself a mentor (personal or printed) or a local course and start today. Find a good cartoon guide book, even if you have a course or mentor. The book can be with you on every occasion you are cartooning. By sticking with one book with loads of examples and method demonstrations you can build your first but consistent cartooning style.


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